Panels 2022
We welcome your ideas of panels for 2023

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Navigating the Israeli Mental Healthcare System


Whether you have been here for decades or have just arrived, there are resources available that you may not know about. This panel will be uncovering the Israeli mental health care system. Learn how the process works, understand how to use government benefits, become aware of the various options for adults and children and the role of the kupot in accessing services.

With Jenny Krainess (Avnei Chein), Batya Leidner (Ministry of Health), Professor Yisrael Strous (Mayanei HaYeshua), and Dr. Ariel Kor (Israel Center on Addiction)

Moderated by Clalit's Anita Cooper


Building Safe and Healthy Mental Health Relationships


This panel will break down all that goes into a positive and healthy relationship with a mental health provider. The importance of strong boundaries, the balance between trust and relying, independence and taking responsibility for self, guidelines for personal disclosure, knowing what is relevant, and the kinds of effort required by a client to get the most out of therapy will be explored. 

With Mendel Horowitz (Lev Avos), Professor Yisrael Strous (Mayanei HaYeshua), Meshulam Gotlieb (NEABPD) and Ricki Davies (Center for Relational Resilience)

Moderated by Lena Shore (The Place)

The Impact of Trauma on Mental Health


Understand trauma and how it affects individuals immediately and in the long-term. The impact of trauma on daily functioning, relationships, and self-esteem will be explored as well as how to identify triggers and when it is pivotal to seek help. 

With Dr. Dani Kahn (EMDR Training Center), Dr. Einat Kaufman (United Hatzala), Ricki Bernstein (Somatic Intervention), and Dr. Tzachi Fried (Machon Dvir)

Moderated by Nechama Munk (Wurzweiler School of Social Work in Israel)


Resilience and Mental Health: Prevention and Bouncing Back


Foster resiliency by understanding how to build a foundation of mental health skills as well as practical tools to help a person bounce back after a difficult event. Attendees of this panel will leave understanding how to develop positive coping skills to prevent mental health crises.  

With Shalva Schneider (Jewessense), Esther Marcus (Enosh/Milam), and Atara Weinstein (Wurzweiler School of Social Work)

Moderated by Avi Tennenbaum (PFA)

Halacha and Mental Health


A panel of rabbonim from along the orthodox spectrum will be discussing the various Torah laws concerning mental health with renowned psychiatrists. They will delve into topics such as: the roles of the spiritual advisor vis-a-vis referrals, education, ensuring overall community health, and balancing the role of advocate, counselor, leader and non-expert especially in the face of scandals. 

With Rabbi Yoni Roszensweig (Maaglei Nefesh), Dr. Shmuel Harris (Machon Dvir), Rabbi Yitzchok Berkovits (Aish HaTorah), Dr. Yaakov Freedman, MD

Moderated by Rabbi Chaim Fachler (Mayanei Hayeshua)

Choosing the Right Mental Health Provider


The panel will provide insight on how to research mental health providers. Discussions will be about how to make sure a therapist is accountable, registered, and professional. Learn who holds therapists accountable and the "red flags" to watch out for which may indicate poor quality. This panel will also explore how to use referral organizations and case managers to ensure quality care. 

With Rabbi Binyamin Babad (Relief Israel), Ari Kafka (Amudim Israel), and Hadas Schroeder Rachamim (Kav L'Noar)

Moderated by Ellie Rothstein (Kav L'Noar) 

Raising Your Children/Teens in Israel


Teens: they aren't children, they aren't adults - they are in a constant state of mental and physiological transition. Anglo teenagers are faced with the extra challenges of being in a country where they balance two cultures, two languages, two sets of norms, and two inner worlds and have additional needs to address in regards to their mental health. Learn how we can guide, protect, support, and soften the landing for them to prevent mental health crises. We will also explore how to best support teens who are already experiencing mental health challenges. 

With Shana Pogrow (EPIC/Yedidim), Gavi Lankin (Crossroads),  Zev Ganz (Kav L'Noar), and Desi Yishay (YTA)

Moderated by Danielle Salber (Ready for Anything - Boxing Therapy)

Innovations in Mental Health


Israel, the start-up nation, is contributing on a large scale to developments in the mental health world through use of technology. Learn about the methods, the companies, and the people working on these advancements.


With Alex Gomberg (XRHealth), Nadav Askari (Genetika+), Nadav Bitton (BrainQ) and Alex Frenkel (

Moderated by Inna Martin (Revium Recovery Inc.)


Mental Health Professionals Networking

Meet your colleagues within a "speed dating" format. Discover new resources for you and your clients, put faces to names, introduce yourself, and reconnect with friends!

Moderated by Raizel O'Brien (Mental Health Education Specialist)