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Our Speakers for 2022


Dr. David Pelcovitz

Dr. David Pelcovitz, "The Magic of the Ordinary" - Promoting Resilience in Complicated Times.

Dr. Pelcovitz is one of the foremost experts in psychological issues in the Orthodox world. A noted author and speaker, he will be speaking on the mental health challenges in a post-Covid world. 

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Fleur Hassan-Nahoum

Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem

Fleur is the Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, and is also the Co-Founder of the UAE-Israel Business Council and the Gulf-Israel Women's Forum.

Fleur is one of the founder’s of the Jerusalem Mental Health Expo initiative that was born out of a deep concern that the longevity of living with Covid -19 was affecting everyone's mental health with an added concern of how difficult these times have been for the Anglo community trying to navigate their way through it. As an Olah, Fleur personally knows how difficult it is to be in a new country and oceans away from family. 

Michal Waldiger

MK in the Religious Zionist Party

Member of the Knesset, Adv. Michal Waldiger is number 2 on the list of the Religious Zionist Party. She established the Emunatach organization for the families of those suffering from dual illness diagnoses. Additionally she took part in the establishment of Addicted to Life- The Association for Victims of Addictions. She also served as chairman of the Bat Ami Association, which was created to place religious Israeli young women in National Service.
She currently serves in the Knesset as chair of the Mental Health Lobby, Personal and Social Resilience Lobby, Drug Abuse Lobby, and is Chair of the National Civil Service Lobby.

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